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Without the Gift of Sight

Without the Gift of Sight

Glass half full – a phrase often used, and rarely fully appreciated. We often pay more heed to what’s missing in our lives than what we should be grateful for. An example may be the sense of sight – rarely perceived as an asset or a gift. But for many without it, it is a privilege they wish they’d had. Sight is by far one of the most important senses in any mammal, including humans, and the lack of it makes even the simplest of activities seem nearly insurmountable without assistance. For the nearly 1/3rd of a billion visually impaired people, this is a very real problem, and us, the lucky majority, should do our part to assist those not quite as blessed.

Organizations such as The Seeing Eye foundation were some of the first of their kind in world to train guide dogs, and to teach blind people how to integrate them into their lives. Over the years, there have been numerous new charities and foundations set up to sponsor and support these guide dog institutions all around the world. Guide dogs are specially trained to become a blind person’s eyes when they go outside. The dog will guide their blind master around, and make sure they don’t walk into objects or in front of cars. Not only does this help blind people become more active again, but it boosts their own self confidence and self esteem as well.

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Many of us take our own sight for granted. But, can you imagine how difficult it would be if you could not see clearly or at all? Without a person or dog to guide you around, you would probably be too scared to travel outside by yourself. Guide dogs will change all of this because they eliminate that fear and replace it with joy. It is no wonder that over 90% of blind people who learn how to handle a guide dog say they have a more active life now than they did before getting their dog. Anyone can contribute to this happiness by donating to a Seeing Eye dog institution in their local area. They can also sponsor or even adopt a dog as well.

Seeing Eye schools and foundations are non-profit institutions that are able to train guide dogs based on the amount of donations they receive. The more donations they receive the more dogs that can be trained. Plus, the blind people who go to these schools will only have to pay a few hundred dollars for their dog, which is a bargain when you consider the amount of time that gets spent breeding and training these dogs. When you sponsor a Seeing Eye dog you will receive all of the information pertaining to your dog, like its education and whether it has been adopted by a blind person yet. There are also puppies that you can raise for these foundations as well. Then when the puppy becomes mature enough, they will go to the school and be trained as a guide dog for the blind. There are just so many ways to help support your local Seeing Eye foundation. The easiest way is to make a small donation of any amount that you can afford. Every dollar goes towards helping to educate these dogs and to give blind people a chance for a better life.

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