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Top Five Apps That Are Helping People Right Now

Good Guide

The good guide app allows you to scan, search or browse products, brands and companies. Through it’s rating system, it will help you make better shopping decisions not only for your own health, but also for the environment, and gives you more socially responsible choices.


Share The Meal

This app from the United Nations and by the World Food Programme helps feed children in need. On the app you can see exactly where your donation is going and the children you are helping to feed. You can also create a team with your friends and fight world hunger together.



Millions of women trust Clue for accurate and personalized information on their menstrual cycle, and makes it easy to not only track their cycle, but their general health too. It helps women get to know their bodies and provides in depth scientific and medical information.


Recycle Smart

Recycle Smart helps make recycling easy by making it simple to look up which items can be recycled and how. You can easily search categories or find specific items that you want information on. The app also features a newsfeed for those who want to stay on top of sustainability news and topics.


Go Volunteer

This app is a great database of volunteering opportunities, connecting people with thousands of organisations that do great work. The app can help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you, allowing you to search, express interest and shortlist short term, ongoing and one-off opportunities.



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