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The Superpowers of Trees

We’ve all learnt about the one superpower that all trees have – converting carbon dioxide to oxygen and helping life on earth tick along in the process. But, trees contribute to our ecosystem in far more ways. Be it climate control, providing nutrition or acting as a habitat for millions, trees play an invaluable role on our pale blue dot. Below are 14 more reasons to be grateful to these gorgeous green giants.

1. A tree can cool as much air as 15 room-sized ACs.
2. Fallen tree leaves can reduce soil moisture loss.
3. Trees can help trap smoke, pollen and up to 65% of the dust around it.
4. In addition to carbon dioxide, trees can also remove harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide from the air.
5. Trees reduce soil erosion in storms and floods.
6. 80% of land species live in forests.
7. A single tree can be home to hundreds of species.
8. Exposure to trees has been shown to reduce anger, depression, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms.
9. One tree offsets nearly 18,000km of car emissions.
10. Trees filter impurities from stormwater.
11. A strategically positioned tree can reduce noise pollution by up to 40%.
12. Trees can be a source of nutritional food including nuts, fruits, leaves and more.
13. A single tree can provide enough oxygen for up to two people.
14. Tree roots can provide significant resistance during earthquakes.

So, go ahead and put your gardening skills to good you – start planting! Or, if you don’t have much of a green thumb Arbour Day Foundation can do it for you for as little as just $1 per tree.

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