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Save The Bees!

Save the bees

By Jully Kemp

Stings from bees hurt but losing the bees eternally sure hurts more. A lot of people find it difficult to believe that bees are actually very important to human beings. Believe it or not, 1 out of every 3 food item we eat was gotten from a bee-pollinated plant. Pollination is the process whereby plant is fertilized and reproduction takes place in flowering plants.

Why Bees are So Important

Bees are not only needed in the pollination of flowering plants for the production of food for mankind. It is also necessary in our ecosystem, to play its role in the food chain, agriculture and human life, apart from its importance in some religions.

What’s Happening to Bees

Long story short, bees are on the verge of extinction as a result of many of our activities. From the new millennium, honey bees have been strangely vanishing throughout the world, causing problems and leaving the future of over 30% of the food supply of humankind uncertain.

This deterioration of honey bees may possibly have a huge effect on the environment, which solely depends on the insects for pollination. If pollination fails to take place, life, vegetables, flowers, fruits and even crops would cease to grow, resulting in an untold economic difficulty for all and sundry.

What to do to Help Save Bees

1. Cultivate Plants that attract Bees

Bees require nectar – a sugary fluid emitted from flowering plants to attract insects and pollen – a fine powdery substance that consists of microscopic grains that fertilize a plant, so as to feed the colony. And in return, the bees pollinate the flowers that later will later produce food. Cultivating bee-friendly plants will surely preserve bees.

2. Avoid using insecticides

Insecticides and pesticides contribute to the decline of bees in recent years. As much as possible, try and avoid the use of insecticides close the garden or wherever bees may be visiting.

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3. Build natural habitat gardens

It has been observed that about 90 different crop plants depend almost wholly on bees. So, creating natural habitat for bees wherever possible such as gardens, farmlands, nature reserves and even public places is vital to their continued existence.

4. Support bee research organizations

You can support and encourage organizations or companies that run bee research and breeding programs.

5. Sign the petition to save bees today

When they talk about cancer or hurricane or the like, it may not really mean much to you if you’re not the sufferer but here is a cause that affects everyone. Bees as you can see are more important than you probably thought. I’m sure you don’t want to starve or eat just grains, right? You’ll want fruits and vegetables in your diet. Without the right food who knows just what can befall someone. Support the fight to save bees by signing the petition. You’re not signing away a donation! We only need your endorsement and support.

If bees go into extinction, we’ll lose a lot in food supply, even your own diet will radically change, so we should help save them. Support the cause to save bees today. Sign the petition to save honey bees.


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