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Life Analogies: The Tree

By William Rue

You are born through cellular osmosis and mitosis; and life is just growth. In time degradation takes place and you die. Is it that you are like a fruit, and that at a time you are perfect and ripe? Or is it that you are the tree, set to bare fruit? At this point imagine…

The simplest method to harvest a tree of its fruit – throw an over-ripe fruit, from the ground around the tree, into the branches. This will shake the branches enough to dislodge the ripe fruit. Assuring you only gather edible fruit and allowing the unripe fruit to continue to grow.

There is a reason so many faiths are based around a tree. The Garden of Eden from the Bible, The World Tree from the Quaran, Yggdrasil from Norse mythology. The similes we find in them to our own lives can get taken for granted but we do see ourselves as either the fruit that is bared or the tree itself. There is a prerogative either way to accomplish growth.

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When I observe this in nature and myself I believe it is intentional of the Universe that this is what we are here for. Applying the tree analogy to Earth; then we are its fruit. Applying it to ourselves; the ones we help in growth are the fruit. I like to follow this logically and say that we are a by-product of the Universe wanting to grow and that it is here to facilitate that.

This helps me in my day to day life as I feel more motivated to learn and more motivated to help others learn. The simple analogy of how to acquire the ripe fruit makes me believe regardless of how I see my life and myself, there will be the right moment in it, that allows me to grow more as time persists. There is a something that will shake the branches to allow me to grow more. And what is more, I will be the reason as that something will need what I provide, in order to grow.

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