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Food for thought: You are not alone

You are not alone

By William Rue

We are not alone.
As a species we socialise with anything we can acknowledge as alive, dogs, cats, horses, trees. To some degree even a thing having eyes is enough to interact with it. I have often wondered when does not being in the company of others make you alone?

When I am alone a level of honesty gets established within myself. With that honesty I find often, that being alone is a lie. I sit in an empty room and can still remember all the times it was full, I look at these memories and know in the future there will be more to come. In this empty room where I am alone I can associate thoughts to when it was not the case. More often then not, this alleviates any loneliness that that was being formed. Whether it is a physical distance or a more intellectual one I have found that when necessary I will relate to someone, somehow, somewhere.

Now, through all this I am not saying we can never be lonely, I am saying we can never be alone.

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As a man of the information age I have too much to relate to be alone. Sure the thoughts are individual but someone in history, modern or classical, would have some sentiment that you associate your thoughts, enough to think “I wasn’t alone in those thoughts!”.

Through my friends and family I socialise and communicate relative ideas and even integrate theirs into mine, I assume I am not alone in dong this. Now, the internet allows an individual to do this at speeds which no period in history can match.

On a more scientific level there is an understanding to our universe that we can break it down into smaller and smaller particles. There are atoms, then there are protons and electrons, then there are quarks then photons and gluons, and then we get into the massless particles and we are still discovering new information about them. This creates an understanding that reality is interconnected via the plethora of endless particles holding the shape and forms we see and think about.

I believe it can never be proven we are alone, more we can only prove how connected everything really is. So whether it be by proximity or something less tangible, there will always be a thought that by breaking down reality into less complex or more simple structures we never know where one of us ends and the other begins.

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