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Global Good Magazine is an entirely not-for-profit publication, geared toward driving people to have a positive impact on the planet, the society they live in, and those around them. We have readers & contributors throughout the US, UK, Australia, and parts of Asia.

Below are some basic content guidelines for contributors:

Article length: Approximately 250-1000 words

Key factors:



    Articles must have an altruistic nature. I.e. they should be about what one may be do to help others (not oneself), and/or make the world a better place.
    We would appreciate content that is not about self-improvement, self-interest, negative commentary and does not “attack” people, or is too critical of the reader.

  • Positive tone

    Articles should have a positive, encouraging tone, in order to 1. avoid alienating the reader, and 2. propogate interest and willingness to act for the better. Positivity breeds positivity.

  • Non-region specific

    Articles must be relevant to, and any actions outlined feasible throughout the developed world (and possibly beyond).
    Region-specific activities or references may alienate readers from elsewhere. Eg. If the article has mostly UK specific references, it may not be relevant to readers in say Australia or the US.

  • Call to action nature (recommended, but not necessary)

    Articles should drive readers to do positive things for others, and our society/planet.
    Articles should encourage and enable readers to act in manner that would positively impact others, our society and our planet.

  • Access to resources (optional)

    Where necessary or appropriate, it’d be great if articles included links to external resources, which may allow users to further pursue the activities/actions prescribed.

Examples of articles:


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