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Altruism: “A motivational state with the ultimate goal of increasing another’s welfare.”- Baston

Altruism is fundamental to the progress of our species. It is and has always been a pillar of society, inscribed in cultural doctrines from time immemorial. As competitive as we are as a race, it is our core impulse to co-operate rather than compete, both with our own kind as well as others, that sets us apart and allows us to flourish. Research has suggested, time and time again, that prosocial practices enhance our personal, emotional and physical well-being as a comunity.

Through our group, we explore “the little things” like the domino effects of a mere smile, to the incredibly courageous act of granting someone the gift of life through organ donation. Together with our audience, we craft experiences and campaigns to make a difference, one cause at a time. So join us in our endeavour to play a role in making this world a better place, for us and our co-inhabitants.

– Ace Mamun
Founder, Global Good


Global Good is an entirely not-for-profit group geared toward driving people to have a positive impact on the planet, the society they live in, and those around them.

We’ve currently got team members in Australia, the US, the UK, and Asia, collaborating on our campaigns and magazine.

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