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5 Key Ways to Avoid Animal Cruelty

While our heart may melt at the sight of an adorable dog and we may spend hours watching cat videos on YouTube, we often – knowingly or unknowingly – turn a blind eye to the very serious issue of animal cruelty plaguing modern-day society. Our ever increasing focus on commerce and entertainment often come at the sacrifice of animal rights behind closed doors. It’s important for us to be conscious in our daily choices to first and foremost ensure that we do not contribute to the issues, and second, do our best to stand up for our weaker distant cousins in the animal kingdom.

Below are five key ways you can avoid animal cruelty.

Through your shopping

Avoid purchasing products that may be a result of animal cruelty. This may be cosmetics that have gone through animal testing, or animal-based products that may have had a production process which lead to animal torture.

Through your time

Volunteer at animal shelters or adopt a disadvantaged animal. Our time is our most valuable resource, and there are few better investments than that into the welfare of a life.

Through behavior

Teach the young ones the importance of caring for and respecting animals. Admonish and dob in any instances of animal abuse you come across – don’t turn a blind eye.

Through your entertainment choices

Avoid supporting industries like greyhound racing or animal circuses, which have a long-standing track record of animal abuse for the purposes of profit.

Through the law

Participate in petitions, movements, and causes related to the welfare of animals in your city or country. Spread the word and get others on board as well. Be the change, together.



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