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Go Green With Action Cards

Go Green Cards is a fun game with weekly action steps geared towards incorporating sustainable living into participants’ lives.

The main goal of Go Green Cards is to simplify the transition to living more sustainable by breaking it down into manageable weekly action steps. By providing guidance and resources, participants have an easier time incorporating sustainable living practices into their lives.

Go Green Cards has 52 cards, each with an action step related to living more sustainable. Every week, participants randomly draw one card and refer to the accompanying guidebook for explanations, suggestions, and insight to help accomplish the chosen action step for that week. By focusing on an individual action step, participants are able to practice and integrate new behaviors at a deeper level.

Cards2Action’s mission is to make personal development for busy people as easy as possible. By providing smart, strategic action plans, with manageable weekly goals various card decks offer simple solutions to help get the most out of your life. Whether it’s learning to live more sustainable, maximizing your leadership potential in the workplace, or helping you to connect with your partner on a deeper level, Cards2Action can help!


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