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Mental Illness: Ending the Stigma

Mental Illness: Ending the Stigma

By Samantha Plink One in four people in the world will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives. Yet nearly two thirds of

Eco-Friendly Apps to Help You Go Green & Save

The recent news about climate change would inspire just about anyone to start thinking about lessening their impact on the planet. After all, there is

Be Good

4 Key Ways to Exercise Greater Empathy

Most of us believe in the first impression. It is such a natural instinct to have some kind of perception about another at a single

Do Good

Using Your Skills for Good

We live in a world branded by uncertainties and imperfections, where our fellow people need a helping hand, and where our planet is in desperate

Impact through Your Know-How and Who You Know

Making a difference can be done on a budget. Making a difference does not take a large corporation, or even a rich investor.  Everyone has